ROClientChannelDelegate not working

(jasonli) #1

Dear All,
I am working with Xcode for cocoa as Client and Delphi as the server . when I upload data to the server, the ROClientChannelDelegate -> clientChannel:didSendDataSize:ofExpected: this delegate method never called, but the clientChannel:didReceiveDataSize:ofExpected: works fine.
if I have something miss or is there are some bugs?

on the debug output of Xcode show as:
bit length overflow

code 4 bits 6->7

bit length overflow

code 0 bits 6->5

code 7 bits 4->5

bit length overflow

code 0 bits 6->7

bit length overflow

code 11 bits 7->6

code 0 bits 5->6

bit length overflow

code 5 bits 6->5

code 7 bits 4->5

(marc hoffman) #2


it looks like this event was indeed not hooked up for the regular HttpClientChannel. I’ve fixed that now, for the next build.

I don’t believe this is related, or something I’d expect our library to print out. However I do see the zlib (which isn’t our code) prints this when rebuilt in debug mode; I don’t believe from the surrounding comments that this is necessarily an error condition. These messages might just be a side effect of having rebuilt RO/DA from source with DEBUG defined…


(jasonli) #3

Thanks Marc,
so… need to wait for next version?

(marc hoffman) #4

we’ll probably have a new beta next week.