RODL and Intf files


I believe I know the answer to this but wanted to verify. We run a Delphi Remoting SDK Server. It gets updated every 2-3 weeks with new service methods, bug fixes… the usual stuff. We have some other applications that use specific service methods on this server. One or two methods specifically written for certain client apps.

Is it necessary to always update the RODL and Intf files that are used to compile these non-server client apps each time there are changes to the server RODL file? Of course, if the specific method was changed on the Server side is one that the client calls it should probably be updated on the client (unless the method parameters don’t change?)

Some of these clients don’t get updated very often and it seems unnecessary to keep putting out updates for all these clients if the service methods they use haven’t changed on the server.

I don’t think we have to keep updating these clients but wanted to get the official thoughts on this. :slight_smile:


if your client uses specific service/method that wasn’t changed on server-side, you may skip updating this client if other service/method was changed on server-side.

Some our clients use Hydra for splitting functionality, i.e. each major part (or service) is put to personal hydra plugin.
you may review the Hydra/RemObjects SDK Services samples for such example.

if you update RO version, pls check for breaking changes - it may require recompiling client and server sides.

also we recommend to recompile both (client and server) sides when major version of Remoting SDK was changes, i.e. 9.x -> 10.x, etc.

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