RODL files location


I have a server made with the Delphi/RemObjectS SDK in which I have separately added other RODLs to the main RODL to keep a modularization.
I did not use the “Generate Code for the definitions in this RODL file” option.
At “filename” I put a folder relative to the server
I access the functions of the services through http api.
If the server is started as an application and I deliver the necessary RODL files to the server according to the relative path, everything works.

If the server is started as a Windows service, these files need to be copied to the \Windows\System32 directory

Is it possible to explicitly specify a ROOT directory for loading these files?

I tried to set the default directory to server location when starting, but nothing changed.

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Try to embed your RODLs as resources to .exe

By other hand, you can switch to CodeFirst mode. In this mode, RODL isn’t needed.