Rodl2code generates java files in UTF-8 with BOM

I have upgraded RemObjects from to
Now rodl2code generates java files in UTF-8 with BOM (Byte Order Mark).

Is this expected behavior change?

If I generate same java files via Service Builder > CodeGen, file are
generate in UTF-8 without BOM.

Windows 10, Delphi 10 Seattle, RemObjects Remoting SDK for Delphi and all Clients.



It is expected behavior for

In the October of 2018 we did add an option to rodl2code to allow it generate files without BOM and enabled that option by default for Java.



Thank you for quick reply.

Can you reveal the name of this option?

I have not found such option in cmd params.
There is --no-utf8 (disable UTF-8 for IDEs from last century).
But I guess this is not what I should use.


The option is --no-bom

Thank you!
Now it’s clear.

BTW This option is not available in

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Yes. As Anton indicated, we added this option in a melter version, last October. Is there a particular reason you have to stay omg 9.4, or can you update? In general, re recommend using the latest version. as it has the latest improvements and fixes, including security fixes.


I can update.
Just shared info about --no-bom param in for other users.

Thanks for help. Much appreciated.

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