Rodl2code remoteRODL –platform:delphi generates sources that do not compile

Rodl2code remoteRODL –platform:delphi generates sources that do not compile


When I try to generate source code for Delphi
with the latest (1579) rodl2code is included suplemental classes which that can’t be compiled like

ScriptException = class(EROException)
fLine: Integer;
fColumn: Integer;
fEvent: ROUTF8String;
fInnerStackTrace: ROUTF8String;
fType: ScriptExceptionType;

property Type: ScriptExceptionType read fType write fType;

Source code generate with ServiceBuilder is ok.

Best regards,
Tiberiu Stoicescu


weird, Service Builder and rodl2code use that same codebase.

Can you attach RODL, and files that are generated by Service Builder and rodl2code, pls?

You can drop email to support@ for keeping privacy.

I sent the files to support@

Logged as bugs://D19415.

bugs://D19415 was closed as fixed.

Is this bug already fixed in preview? I have the same problem with and it still does not work in, but the bugfix D19415 is already mentioned in the change log?

Many thanks in advance!


Issue was reproduced with uRODataSnap.rodl.
fixed for .1583