ROHTTPServer and Linux


I created a service app for Linux. I use RO

All work fine but I have a problem:

  1. if I use TROHTTPServer component the process allocate always 100% (and more) of the CPU

  2. if I uset TROIndyHTTPServer the use of CPU is great and very low

Are there any problems using TROHTTPServer on Linux?

Same problem with TCP Server component. With TROIndyTCPServer the use of the CPU is low.

Instead if I use TROTCPServer the use of CPU is 100 % (and more)

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Logged as bugs://D19151.


try to update uROAsyncSocket.pas as

procedure TROSocketWorkerThread.IntExecute;
      end             //updated
      else sleep(5); // added

as I can see it removed CPU load on Linux platform

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Hi EvgenyK

Work fine!!! Thank you very much for your great support!!!

bugs://D19151 was closed as fixed.