Sample code fails to built using Fire

Trying to use Fire/Water product after a period of inactivity. Upgraded a 2019 setup to Trying to run the autogenerated ConsoleApplication sample. Runs smoothly on PC built with Water. The exact same sample fails in Fire (macOS Mojave), bombing at writelLn(‘The magic happens here’). It says, “InternalError: System.ArgumentOutOfRangeexception: Length cannot be less than zero.”

I am utterly flabbergasted. What is happening here?

Interesting,. this error happens when compiling or when running? What project platform, .NET or .NET Core? and what language? Also, do you have a full call stack for the exception?


I cant reproduce this off-hand, here.

PS: I’ll be out of office tomorrow; as that second issue looks like it’ll fall in my area, my appologies but please expect me to not be able to have a close look until Tuesday.

Here are my startup settings:

, and this is what I get when I run Project->Build

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Description automatically generated">

Ah, Java. still, I cannot reproduce this:

Can I get the full call stack for there exception? it should be in the build log, if your go level is set to Diagnostic. If not, run ebuild with --debug to get the call stacks, if you don’t get then in Fire/Water with diagnostic build level. You can copy the ebuild command from the build log.

Does this issue persist with 2577, for you?

Didn’t help either.

I start to think that this due a total mess up with the configuration on this machine.

First ,I downloaded and installed the zipped Elements distribution for Mac and Linux.

Realizing that this was not what I wanted, I run; after that removed the whole directory tree

Installed Fire, but it did not work from the beginning.

The error appears at the early stage. It looks that the pipline bombs before the build process is invoked. The error message I am seeing may be a random response to an unthinkable program condition.

As you suggested, I run ebuild –debug and received this response:

~ marek$ ebuild --debug

Cannot open assembly ‘/Users/marek/_TMP/RemObjects Elements - Mac and Linux Zip Distro -’: No such file or directory.

This tells me that Fire (installed in /Applications) might be looking for assemblies in the wrong place. didn’t work.

Probably, once I clean that registry mess, Fire is likely to run normally.

The trouble is that I do not have a slightest idea how to clean it.


Do you y an y chance still have the “use external compiler” option in Fire checked? If so, does und checking that fix it? With that option unchecked, Fire should not care about anything outside of its app bundle.

Does ‘/Users/marek/_TMP/RemObjects Elements - Mac and Linux Zip Distro - exist?

Just tested the same Console app for Oxygene under Cocoa. The build went fine.

Thus, the issue clearly related to java.

Fire configured to use jdk 10.0.1. Found posts claiming compatibility issues for this versions (other products). I can see that jre is not where it supposed to be installed.

Tried to change the jdk in Fire to 8.0.191, but the settings are greyed, see below:

<img width=“739” height=“741” style=“width:7.6979in;height:7.7187in” id=“Picture_x0020_7” src="/uploads/default/original/2X/4/4d5e6305818a5e8598671c24945d1916c771b798.jpeg" alt="Graphical user interface, text

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We don support (and have tested) against Java 9, 210 and later, yes.

there grayed out test just means its the auto-detected default value. you can still paste or drag a different folder in, to use that. That said, iirc we fixed an issue related to linking against newer-java .jdom files in 2577. any chance you can retest if this issue persists for you with 2577?

ps, may I ask how you ar exploding your screenshots? because they come thru badly here, as plain text HTML code. What browser are you using?

Great! 2577 works.
As for the quality of my screenshots, I am using Outlook for my business correspondence. The email from this group came to my mailbox, so I just responded to what I received by dragging images to straight to the message body. It was quick and easy on my end and didn’t have time to check how it looked on the website. Thanks for informing - will remember to use the web browser from now on.

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Cool, happy to hear!

No worries; this is out bug. Knowing that these came via email will hopefully help us find out what causes them to not show properly. Thanx!