Schema Command Out/Result Parameter example

(Matthew Vesperman) #1


I was wondering if there were any examples of using output and result parameters for DA schema commands?

I want to use a command to get the number (count) of records in a select statement.

Such as

SELECT COUNT(my_field) AS my_rec_count
FROM my_table
WHERE (afield = :in_param);

The value in my_rec_count should be returned in a command result or out parameter.


(antonk) #2

Which platform (Delphi, .NET etc) is used for the application?

(Matthew Vesperman) #3

Sorry, it is for Delphi.

(EvgenyK) #5

you can use TDARemoteCommand on client-side.
it contains aOutputParameters parameter so you can get required data w/o any problems