Schema Modeler - Connections Manager Table Explorer Broken

(kbripleyindcom) #1

After updating to the latest build:
Data Abstract Schema Modeler RemObjects Data Abstract Framework
Version Build date 2018-03-21

Berlin, Ado, mssql 2012

Connections Manager will no longer show tables and structures per:


The connection is valid and retrieves queryies and passes the test button. No matter how many times I refresh the tables will no longer be available for viewing and such.

(antonk) #2


Please specify the full connection string used (replace username, password and hostname/database name with dummy values if needed). Also please check that the user mentioned in the connection string has the access rights required to access database schema info.

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(EvgenyK) #5

try to add Schemas=1; to your connection string. it is used for displaying objects from all schemas

(kbripleyindcom) #6

That worked. Thanks.