Hey again,

I found an interessting bug^^:

See the screenshot below.

The bug occurs, when I resize the width of the IDE to the right-hand-side!

curious. are both scrollbars actually reactive controls, or is this merely a redrawning issue, and the rogue bar goes away the next time the editor updates?

LOL, now it’s gone :open_mouth:

When I resize it, like in the post, it works properly and does not get freezed in a Position…

Could this be a bug in WPF, because otherwise when it would be a bug in your Code, this would come back, but I closed water and reopend it, but it still (hopefully) works properly ? :open_mouth:

Now I know when it happens, it happens, when I Change in the Tools>Options>Editor>Fontsize and when I resize it, it is the redrawing issue as you mentioned correctly!

Doesnt get you guys the bug I described?

I haven’t seen this issue yet, no.

Could this also be an internal graphics Problem, like direct x is going nuts or something like that??

I will send u my project when I am back at the pc

Here the Project and to reproduce the bug, pls do follow the lines I described above!

Then Change the fontsize. Close it and then resize it to the right-hand-side and you actually should see the bug or the redrawing issue! (1.5 MB)

Ahm i missed that this was related to changing font sizes. thats largely untested; will have a look to see f i can repro, later today

Just for completion, here it doesnt work/resize properly as well:

And btw, it is not just when you Change the fontsize, it miss-draws as well when I Change the Background-theme!

curious. but it ONLY happens if you do change settings, never without?

As far as I could recognize it, yes, only when I am resizing it, you can try it on your own water Version, and do the exact steps I mentioned above, as I said, then you should see what I see.

Ah and btw:

My water Version is: Water

Reproduced: making any change to editor settings, the current set of scrollbars stay around as ghosts. very strange, nt sure yet whats causing it but i’ll get to the bottom if it (not fixed for the upcoming .2169 that will be out later today).

Got it, fixed for next week.

Workaround: restart after you change settings. soon :wink:

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And did you saw also the “Selection-Bug” or could you reproduce it?

Didn’t get to it yet.

I’m afraid i cant reproduce the selection issue; set the fint size to Ginormous, and double-lick still selects whole words fine…

Honestly, I cant reproduce the former bug as well, hmm, but nvm, the less Bugs the better it is :smiley: :smiley:

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