SE-0258 Property Wrappers

I was wondering if what the status of this laaguage feature is? I noticed its listed on the Swift Evolution page but I can’t get details about the ticket as its private :slight_smile:

It is still open; as we’re discussing how to implement this in a more universal manner. Essentially, property wrappers are a specialized version of what can already be achieved with Aspects, of course.

Now that we have some breathing room, with Mercury going out the door etc, I’ll see if can bump pro on this…

Cool, I have to look into Aspects and how I can use it for implementing an observable; I read about property wrappers it in this article listed below. I want to use observers to in such manner that the view controller can listen for changes and then update itself based on the changes occurring in the view model.

The article was reimplementing some Combine features using property wrappers; at least that’s how I am reading it. I liked the idea.

I will read about aspects and find out if it could be used for this.

Congratulations on the Mercury getting out of the door!

Property wrappers ar ein fore .2629: PropertyWrapper

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Nice, I will give it a shot when it’s available in the Stable channel. Preview channel doesn’t seem to be available at the moment

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Thats because the latest build is Stable ;). if tomorrows build will be Preview, it’ll be available again…

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Ah all clear :smiley: Looking forward to tomorrow then.

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Downloaded and trying to get through some blog articles about, e.g. Property Wrappers in Swift explained with code examples - SwiftLee

Are there any limitations I should be aware off?

I don’t think so — but if you find any, please let us know!

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