Segmentation fault in .net code

Should the .net debugger be able to handle a segmentation fault in the .net console app I created ?

It just seems to hang.


It definitely should not just hang, no. Can we get a test case? Is this VS (that’s Microsoft’s debugger) or Water? .NET Classic or Core?

Im in the Fire section :slight_smile: , its .net core

My test case doesnt hang but it doesnt seem terribly helpful
If I run after my breakpoint I get

~> Process ConsoleApplication8 started, took 0.484.
~> Attaching to 60402
~> Process ConsoleApplication8 terminated with exit code 0. Ran for 2:47.481 (0.323 running, 2:46.464 paused)

From the console I get a segmentation fault

➜  Debug dotnet ConsoleApplication8.dll
[1]    61053 segmentation fault  dotnet ConsoleApplication8.dll

The problem is that SomeMethod doesnt produce a NpgsqlDataSource, I cast it to the wrong thing. (44.4 KB)