I found another Bug, at least in my Version of water, which is, when you select a word, i.e: variablename, methodname, classname etc… it does not select the Name, it selects out of the Name, it selects some words of that Name and the rest is ignored or empty space, depends from where you select.

Have a look:

And thats make the work pretty difficult, because I am not able to remove lines or copy them properly, because it always copy’s/removes from false positions!


I’m got sure i understand. how do you select? are you double-clickin the world and its not selecting the whole thing? or what are the exact steps?

The joke is, this is also well connected with the “Scroll-Bug” because it happens also, when I am resizing from bottom to top!

When I do the same font-stuff as in the “Scroll-Bug” Section, and when I then try to double-click the WHOLE Word, it just selects the word like in the small-screenshot above I 've posted so far. One part is not selected one part is selected and so on. When you are further trying to copy/remove a line with this bad selection, this bad selections contains and so the whole line is bad selected!