Self contained deployment

Does Hydra support self contained deployment for plugins written in NET 6 (Publish apps with the .NET CLI - .NET | Microsoft Docs)?
I could not get it to work so far.
What I want to achieve is deploy my NET 6 plugins along with my delphi host application without requiring my user to run the NET 6 installer (and all problems that may come with this).


Good question — this might need some additional research, in terms of how the .NET Core runtime is located and loaded, but it should be doable. I’ll have to check with the Hydra team on this, next week.

If you consider self contained applications, you have to know that those won’t get any security updates that it would have had when you used the official runtime. Self contained application have to be recompiled with a patched version of the runtime to get these security updates.

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yes, I’m aware of this. There are pros and cons with this approach.


Hi Mark, do you have you been able to find out anything about self contained deployment?

Hi Sebastian,

we’re still investigating — my apologies for the delay. But I am afraid that it might turn out that this just is not supported by the .NET Core runtime, at this stage :(. We’ll see.

As I just said in another (unrelated) thread: unfortunately .NET Core is a regression and step back/in the wrong direction from Classic .NET 4.x, in many ways :(.