Seriously Off Topic: The March Violets

Hi marc, I know that you are a serious fan of the Sisters of Mercy, but did you ever get into The March Violets? They were part of the same Leeds based scene as the Sisters, and though they weren’t nearly as successful, I thought they were pretty good. I’ve been listening to a compilation album on Spotify called The Botanic Verses, which is excellent, apart from 2 ill advised numbers, namely Bon Bon Babies and Crow Bait (not to be confused with the magnificent Crow Baby). Let us know what you think!


TBH, i’ve been aware of them by name, but have not (knowingly) heard single song. i’ll give them a try!

ps: going to see the Sisters four times this fall, including my 50th concert ever as the girls play my home town, Dortmund, for the first time ever. Can’t wait, even going back to ©old europe for that :wink:

me like, so far.