ServerLocator Bugs?


I need to implement ServerLocator in My Application. My Logic is :

I got 2 Server Server1 and Server2

For Example i Use sum(a,b)

I try to send Sum to Server1 but it is not Active so ServerLocator Send it to Server2 but it is not active. After that i need that an error that Server1 and Server 2 are not active. It is Possible?

I have tried Your LoadBalancing Sample but it crash… When no Server are Active it hang and i don t have any message.

Try it
Open LoadBalancing Server and not Activate Servers.
Open LoadBalancing Client and use Call Method. It Hang until Server are Active.

I need that after Call Method:
Try to Connect Server Alfa (unavailable)
Try to Connect Server Beta (unavailable)
Try to Connect Server Gamma (unavailable)
Try to Connect Server Delta (unavailable)

I need an error that servers are not avaiable

It is Possible?

I have last Remoting Sdk version and i use delphi 10.3.3

Load Balancing.rar (2.3 MB)


try to remove and re-add udProbeFreequency.OnChangingEx event. they have changed parameter from SmallInt to Integer and it may cause crash on your side

pls update ROChannelException as

procedure TClientForm.ROChannelException(Sender: TROTransportChannel;
  anException: Exception; var aRetry: Boolean);
//  ReEnableIfAllDisabled;
//  aRetry := True;

it re-enabled all disabled locators and hides error