Set SkriptVars from running Program?

I want to set SkriptVars from my Exe.
Vars can be retrieved by
MyVar := psScriptDebugger.GetVarContents(‘XY’);

Now I am looking for the pendant, something like:
psScriptDebugger.SetVarContents(‘XY’, ‘NewString’);

I tried:
but it returns NIL :-/

Any Ideas?

Greetings -

any ideas?

Did you read ? It has info on the subject.

Thank you Karlo
of course I read it.

I try to rebuild Delphis CTRL F7 Function.
So I need a Method, which sets the Value of a Var of the Script from outside of the script.

Other Words:
The Var is declared in the Script.
Now I want to set the Value of the Var in Delphi.

Greetings Klaus

Right, and when the script is actually running, the global variables should be available as the docs say, but only after it’s loaded. Local variables can’t be accessed like that though.