Setting optional ADO connection parameters

I am using RelativityServer (latest beta) to connect to my Pervasive.SQL database server via ADO.NET. All is working well, but I’ve run into a query that takes awhile to finish, and i’m getting exceptions when the default timeout expires. There is a parameter on the PSQL command object that I need to set called CommandTimeout and I wish to set it to zero. Can this be done in the DataAbstract.daConfig file?


AFAIK Pervasive.SQL doesn’t allow to set timeouts via connection string, so .daConfig won’t be of any help here.
I’ll log an issue to expose default connection timeout to the Relativity AdminTool (ETA is somewhere during next week). Will that work for you?


Thanks, logged as bugs://81635

The sooner the better, but at least I figured out what was causing this…

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Any chance this could be ready Wednesday?

Please drop a mail to support@

bugs://81635 got closed with status fixed.