Shared Projects Appearing Twice

If you do the following

  1. Create a cocoa console app
  2. Add a shared project to the solution
  3. Drag the shared project to the references of the console app
  4. Close and reopen the solution (111.7 KB)

You end up with 2 references in the elements file, like this

<Import Project="SharedProject\SharedProject.projitems" Label="Shared" />
 <Import Project="SharedProject\SharedProject.projitems" Label="Shared" />

The attached solution is after reopening in Fire.

Im not sure if its related but Im unable to remove the references after


Noticed that too, thanx for reminding me — having a look now.

probably. Try removing one manually via a text editor. can you remove it afterwards?

Was not related, but both fixed. thanx!

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Im also unable to add items to shared projects. Is that also fixed ?

In 2523?


Curious, because I fixed the a few days back. Whats the exact error/failure you get when adding files? Are we talking adding a file from template, via Add Existing, or dragging in?

It was add existing. I only have 2521, so I was wondering if you had fixed it at the same time as the fixes for projects appearing twice.

Well, I fixed it this week, so 2521 won’t have the fix. That’s why I asked about whether you see it in 2523…

I think this is fixed

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