Sharing assets between targets using Shared Projects

I was wondering if it’s possible to use a dedicated shared project to share assets between iOS and Android, e.g. font files, assets. The assets aren’t really changing between iOS/Android

Is this advised or better not? Love to manage it at one place :slight_smile:

If these are literally the same files you wanna include in both sure you can out them into a/the Shared project, just as you would code. Problem is more that Android and iOS handle resources very differently. for iOS you want <AppResources, for Android you need the particularly structured /res folder…

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Yes, the are literally the same font files and json files that I want reuse in the Android/iOS projects.
Based on your res and AppSources comment this would require to duplicate files :thinking: How would you solve it?

Use the /res stricture that Android needs, but give the files the AppResource build action that iOS needs. that shoukld do it.

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