Sharing registered classes between instances of pascalscript

is it possible to register classes(and methods,properties etc.) to script and share it with other instancies of script?
I’ve got 10 instancies with same registered classes and methods so im finding way to share it between them and register it only once

If yes how?

Thank you.

You can share the instances of the classes, and use the same TPSPlugins if you use that, but you can’t share the actual class registrations no.

you mean share the instances of the classes what i registered to script? Thats not what i need. So i cant share registered stuff between them right?

Indeed you can’t.

Is possible to register class only once? In first time calling compile it will be registered and then next when i ll call compile previous registrations will be stored? because every time in compile are all classes re-registered.


No. They have to be registered every compile.