Ship .NET Core version of compiler in setup

I saw this mentioned in the release notes, can I use the .net core version in Fire ?


No, Fire can for now only use the Mono based version of the compiler.

In general, the .NET Core port of the compiler is still experimental; the main/only reason we added it to the setup is that we’re starting to try and use the Core version of the DebugHost for .NET Core debugging.

Ok thanks. Whats the reason for it being experimental ?

For one, it hasn’t been tested yet at all; for another, I believe there are a few parts of the build chain still commented out with {$IF NOT NETCORE} due to them needing work porting.

Are the ifdefs around native code ?

No. I don’t recall off-hand, but some parts of the compiler and/or EBuild needs .NET 4.x Apis that don’t/didn;'t have direct/easy .NET Core equivalents at the time I did the conversion. Eventually I’ll get back to this, resolve these, and we’ll have a fully functioning compiler own .NET Core, but so far it has not been a priority (because, in there end, it doesn’t make much of a difference).

Thanks for the explanation. It doesn’t matter, Im just nosy :slight_smile:

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