Signing android apk from Fire doesn't work - project transferred from VS and changed to aapt2

Because there is a problem with appt2 on Windows I have to transfer my projects to Fire (aapt2 works ok on Mac).
I did it but on last step (generating apk and aab) i want to sign this bundle and apk but without success ( I didn’t change any settings that have worked in VS so far. I installed last build
Here is diagnostic log from Fire ( I don’t know what should I change …)
log.txt (3.7 MB)
The error is :
Task CodeSign failed with exception Value cannot be null.

Marc please help me because I have to publish my app

P.S Simple app with this certificate in Android Studio working fine. Without signing I can’t run (debug) this app on physical device.

Another problem is that in one solution Device is shown as Unknown device in another the same device is displaying properly.

In project properties in Fire (signing) I can’t add password , I have to do it by editing file…

I’m fighting with this from days - I think the main funcionality should work but it isn’t :frowning:
The problem is in Ebuild toolchain or in some settings I don’t know… but the main problem is that I after changes I made for aapt2 need to debug this app (on windows aapt2 doesn’t work properly , on Mac Fire I can’t sign and debug apk …

Best regards

My apologize, I forgot about JDK settings…

                  -> Task CodeSign started for inprax.producent, Cooper-Android.
E:                   Value cannot be null.
Parameter name: aTool
D:                   |   at RemObjects.EBuild.Elements.AndroidBaseTask.RunAndroidTool (System.String aTool, System.Collections.Generic.List`1[T] aArguments, System.String aToolName) [0x00003] in <c9f5d318c8a541e4abe98caa246be90e>:0 .
D:                   |   at RemObjects.EBuild.Elements.ElementsCooperAndroidJavaSign.Sign (System.String aFile) [0x00255] in <c9f5d318c8a541e4abe98caa246be90e>:0 .
D:                   |   at RemObjects.EBuild.Elements.ElementsCooperAndroidJavaSign.Execute () [0x000ef] in <c9f5d318c8a541e4abe98caa246be90e>:0 .
D:                   |   at RemObjects.EBuild.EBuildContext.RunTask________forTarget (RemObjects.EBuild.EBuildTask+MetaClass aTask, RemObjects.EBuild.EBuildValues aSettings, RemObjects.EBuild.EBuildObjects aObjects, RemObjects.EBuild.EBuildTarget aTarget) [0x003c8] in <1c4a1218f066454bad8f012021b08dff>:0 .

this still does sound like a bug, though, this should not thrown NRE. What was wrong, as the JDK path is there

           -> Task RemObjects.EBuild.Elements.ElementsPreflightCooper started for inpx_android_wspolnex.
              JDK found in '/Applications/Android'.
              Java executable found at '/Applications/Android'.
           <- Task RemObjects.EBuild.Elements.ElementsPreflightCooper finished for inpx_android_wspolnex, took 0,0489s (0.048s).

Was jarsigner.exe missing?

I didn’t set properly folder…

Curious, because the log said it was set.

Ah well, as long as all is fine now… :crossed_fingers:t3: