Silver setting checkbox bug in Visual Studio


(Mark Currie) #1

I noticed a setting for Swift incorrectly linked to Oxygene. I’m using version 2293 with Visual Studio 2017.

There is a checkbox “Automatic parenthesis completion” inside Tools->Options->Text Editor->RemObjects Silver->Miscellaneous. This checkbox does nothing.

I noticed that there is the same checkbox inside Tools->Options->Text Editor->Oxygene. This one actually controls the Silver (Swift) editor, so I am able to disable it.

Why have I disabled it? Automatic parenthesis completion is a little bit broken. It works well enough when writing a function call. But its behavior while defining functions doesn’t work as I would expect, it gets in my way. I guess that’s a separate bug, and in my opinion, lower priority. I mean, even when working perfectly, this feature never saved anybody’s life.

(RemObjects) #2

Thanks, logged as bugs://81226 — for the wrong set ion settings being used for Swift

(RemObjects) #3

Thanks, logged as bugs://81227 — for actual () getting in the way [more details might be appreciated here as to what goes wrong exactly]

(RemObjects) #4

bugs://81226 got closed with status fixed.

(viktoriad) #5

Could you please provide us with some description or video on what actually goes wrong with automatic ()? I need some more info to fix the problem.
Thanks in advance.

(Mark Currie) #6

Hi Viktoriad,

I just re-enabled automatic parenthesis, and now I’m not able to reproduce the problem I experienced. Maybe restarting Visual Studio made the bug go away, maybe my project’s code has changed, or maybe I changed my VS options. But now, I cannot reproduce what I saw.

The problem was with function declarations. When I pressed the closing parenthesis, you know “)”. I would end up with two of them like this:

func foo()) {

I’ll leave automatic parenthesis enabled. If I happen to get this problem again, I will try to video record it for you.

For now, it’s working. Cheers.

(Mark Currie) #7

Ok, I was able to reproduce the problem. With automatic parenthesis enabled, sometimes an extra closing parenthesis is introduced, this is fine. The problem is that the extra parenthesis is not always automatically cancelled if I type a closing parenthesis. The inconsistent behavior slows me down.


Video Link

I’m using Visual Studio 2017 with version 2293.

(Mark Currie) #8

I restarted Visual Studio, then it started working correctly again. It seems like it takes some time before it gets into a broken state.

(marc hoffman) #9

That’d quite old — is this still happening with newer builds? Any specific reason you are still on .2293?

(Mark Currie) #10

Our codebase isn’t working with the latest Elements version, we are having an issue with Mongo Driver. It’s totally solvable on our end, it’s just I haven’t had time to get it working. I read somewhere that the newer builds treat Dictionaries and other collections as value types (like official Swift)? If so, that’s great! But now I need to go back and revise some code.

I’ll try to confirm this is happening with newer builds when I get a chance to upgrade.

(marc hoffman) #11

Hmm. of we had breaking changes there between .2293 and latest, I’d still like to hear details.

yeah, thats since ~2325 or so. And indeed that is a bit of a breaking change that needs some adjustments here and there. Can’t win em all. :wink:

(RemObjects) #12

bugs://81227 got closed with status fixed.