Simple Application IOS template

The description for this says “A universal iPhone/iPad project with a simple XIB-based View Controller.”
Its using a storyboard and doesnt seem to match what ends up getting created ? Could this be fixed, I prefer using xibs and its hard to create examples.


I’ve fixed the description, for now, as Storyboards really are the way to go for IOS apps. Xcode hasn’t offered the .zib option for years and years now. I’ll see if I can create a separate .xib-based template in the future, but Xcode doesn’t even let me create a .xib file, anymore…

Really ? I started off using them but then you posted something about how you used xibs and when I tried I found out its way easier.

I’ll see if I can find an old one in a live project somewhere that I can gut and use as a template. It’s been a long time… i haven’t done much iOS work lately, and even when I did, all my projects were pretty-much xib-less and all in code.

FWIW, I too prefer xib over storyboard.

Thats ok, I can do one

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