Simple CSV parser (elements file importer)

I want to import a CSV file into an iOS project, and tried to import the one I found at GitHub - davedelong/CHCSVParser: A proper CSV parser for Objective-C using the add and convert file, but it doesn’t really import. Am I expecting too much here, or should this work?

I’d need a bit more to go on here, in terms of what you did and what and how it failed…

Fire/Project/Add & Convert Files/Convert to Oxygene/Add & Convert Objective-C Files
Lots of different errors. I was just wondering if this feature is intended to be used like this? If not, I’ll have to write one, but this one seems to do the job.

See, glad i asked, because converting Objective-C code via Oxidizer is very distinct from importing a pre-build C library with a .h file, which I thought you were doing, and would have been the path i’d have recommended. :wink:

Objective-C code can be very tricky to convert with Oxidizer unless it’s very clean and straightforward. So I am not surprised this fails. I can log an issue to look at the most glaring aspects it fails on for this file, if you like, but i’d suggest going the import route, if you want to use this code. If you want a fully Elements-native solution, you’d probably be better off just writing the CSV parsing from scratch than trying to convert the ObjC.

Logged as bugs://E26440.

Where’s the import library option then? Is this where I’d have to turn the obj-c files into a library to then drag into the references and make an fx file? Or is there a simpler mechanism? As you say I may be better just writing my own parser.

Check out Import Projects

Yes, you’d build the library with Xcode and then import the .a/.h (or .framework)

Thanks, I’ll investigate.

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bugs://E26440 was closed as fixed.