Small Water Issue/Improvable


Something what I saw is, what is abit annoying and would be nice to get rid of, is the fact that when one is loading a .pas file into oxygene, it somehow imports some random folderstructure with it with the name of “…” would be nice if only the real file(s) are imported directly to the “Files” Folder of Water :slight_smile:

Not quite sure what you mean.

An elements project contains a list of files. Water shows these files in the tree view, with in a folder structure relative to the projects. Files next to the project file show as the top level, files in subfolders of the project show in subfolders. Files from folders outside of the project folder (ie higher up in the folder hierarchy, or on a different drive) will show as a relative path from the project to where they are located, eg “…\Foo.pas” for a file located two levels up.

Is that what you mean? If so, it’s as designed. If not, can you post a screenshot?

Hi Mark,

yea i mean this:

ok, that seems to be exactly what I described above — that file is 2 levels up from the project file, on disk. so that’s as designed.

hmm yea i thought somehow that it is by design, but would you bother to implement in settings a toggle which says: "import file(s) directly to project structure?

What do you want, do you not want to see the “…/…” (I wont fix/change that) or do you want the file to be copied/moved to the project folder when you add it? If so, that’s afaik supported by holding down the proper modifier key (is it Shift, on Windows?, not sure) when dragging the file in from File Explorer.

Ok seems feasible thank you.

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