SOAP core

Hello RO team,
I have two questions.

  1. Will new RO SDK in version 10 support SOAP under .NET core?
  2. Do you have estimated time frame for version 10?

Thank you,


Yes, Remoting SDK for .NET supports SOAP under .NET Core. There might be some rough edges for complex WSDL files, so I’d suggest to test it first using SDK for .NET Framework (they share the same code)

There is no ETA set for v10. Still it should be stable enough fto be used for development purposes (not for production ofc)


Note that, as outlined in or intro blog post here, v10 will be continuous release — we’ll ship new updates bi-weekly, and every once in a while we will deem one “stable” (but they should all be usable, new stuff might just still be work-in-progress). there’ll be no “final/done” v10 release, in the sense of how we shipped releases for 9.x and before.