Specific versions of of RunTime Microsoft.AspnetCore.App

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It appears Im only able to build for the latest versions. If I dropdown to

NetCore2.1, 2.1.302 of sdk and runtime 2.1.2 I get 112 warnings and the build fails.

I get a lot of warnings like

W: Dependency Microsoft.AspNetCore.Authentication.Core:2.2.0: Version number mismatch between existing NuGet reference Microsoft.AspNetCore.Authentication.Core:2.1.1.

2.2 is the latest version of everything I have.

I started with a .net core console app,


(marc hoffman) #2

How does it fail? What’s the error?

(JohnMoshakis) #3

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It looks like it fails because of the warnings

(marc hoffman) #4

That’s the issue I mentioned in the other thread. should be fixed for 20190118-202812-elements-develop and later.

(JohnMoshakis) #5

It builds now.

Is it possible to get rid of the warnings ? I have runtime version 2.1.0, sdk 2.1302 and TargetFramework of .netCore2.1, With that I get 137 warnings.

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(marc hoffman) #6

the Package x has no deliverable for platform 'netcoreapp 2.1'.? I guess, yes. not sure if thats entirely safe, of if they should have deliverables and I’m doing something wrong, at the stage :wink:

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New build up.

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Thats a good point. I forgot I had the log verbosity set to diagnostic. You could control it by that ?

(marc hoffman) #10

I don’t want verbosity to affect actual messages. For now, I disabled the message alltogether. if later turns out this is an potential bug/error condition and all packages should have deliveries for every target, I’ll either bring it back as a warning/error (assuming there’s a fix for there ones happening now), or a diagnostic-level log output.