SSL certificate with wildcard


I have bought a certificate with wildcard to my multiple domains instance, but I can’t see a valid certificate in browser when I use it.

You can see it by example in the next service page:


Is there something additional to do to use a wildcard certificate?, I’m doing this on my server:

                ipHttpServerChannel.SslOptions.UseTls = true;
                ipHttpServerChannel.SslOptions.CertificateFileName = txtCertificatePath.Text;
                ipHttpServerChannel.SslOptions.Enabled = true;
                ipHttpServerChannel.SslOptions.NeedPassword += (object sender, RemObjects.SDK.SslNeedPasswordEventArgs e) =>
                    e.PasswordString = txtCertificatePassword.Text;

Note* if I use a specific certificate in my RO server It works with no problem, and if I use the wildcard certificate in the IIS by example, I have no problems…

Can you help me

This is very strange indeed. The certificate looks correct in the browser, too. Could you have a check with GoDaddy support to see if they have any known issues with their certificates like this?