SSL sending 128 bits


I have a Remobjects server (ROWinInetHTTPChannel), that talks to another external soap webservice.
That also uses a ROWinInetHTTPChannel for communicating.
This setup worked for years without any problems.
This external Webservice went from tls 1.0 to tls 1.2 and now are causing issues.
When there is communication between my Webservice and their Webservice we are receiving the encrypted data 256 bits. But according to the external Webservice we are sending 128 bits encrypted data back. Witch the are not happy about.
I have no clue why we are sending data with 128 bits encryption of even if it’s my problem or theirs.

Regards, Piet


Check your Internet setting. it has options that WinInetHTTPChannel uses:


Try to change them.
will be things changed?

Yes this was the solution.

But it toke a while before we figured out that Internet properties are per user.

Especially because I accessed the external webservice within a IIS webservice.

We ended giving the “user” networkservice the right Internet properties which you only can do in the registry.

you can use another HTTPS channel - they are interchangeable.
we have Indy and Grijjybased channels - they use OpenSSL.

It never occurred to me that there was a alternative. I will check it out. Thanks.