Start and stop ROServer does not work on windows Server 2012


I have a problem with a simple RO Server on Windows Server 2012. I have a stand alone exe,
when I open the program, the ROServer works, everything is ok. But when I toggle the Active property, it stops ok without errors, starts ok without errors but the ROserver is no longer listening and serving clients.
I use Delphi2007 and RO SDK version 7. I tried both Indy and Synapse servers with same result.
Any ideas why this happens?



you are using very old version of SDK (6-8 years old), so this issue could be already fixed. can you retest this issue with the latest version of SDK?

can you create a simple testcase that reproduces this issue, pls?

The simplest case I tried, is dropping a TROIpHTTPServer on a form, add a dispatcher with TROBinMessage, and with a button toggle Active property of the server. What I haven’t tried is to have the server by design Active = false and then activate to see if ti works.


Can you test the Load Balancing sample?
will it work correctly for you?

The problem appears to be on the HTTP level. I tested the Load balancing sample, and used
telnet to connect to the server, and activated/deactivated the server and I was still able to
connect successfully. I tried this with my sample, which is an Http Server, and telnet was able to connect after a deactivation/activation, but I wasn’t able to navigate to /bin path from a browser like I did just before this action. The server appears to keep working on the TCP level.

Can you retest your issue with the MegaDemo sample?

in this sample you can activate/deactivate servers in run-time

Tested the MegaDemo, I have to correct my initial post, this happens only with synapse and not with indy. The same happens with the MegaDemo too, Indy http server starts stops just fine, Synapse http server starts, stops, when starts again cannot access the /bin in browser.


Can you use Indy http server then?

Indy http server works but that’s not the one I wish to use, synapse server with threadpool has better performance.


you can test ROD v10. we have added two new http servers here: