Strange copy/paste behavior in Fire

When pasting text into a file in Water, the text inserts and then gets copied over by lines in the target file, duplicating those lines. Usually it is lines from below the paste, but not always. This seems to happen only if I paste within the 5 topmost lines.

To isolate the issue I have also verified that the copy is okay by pasting into and out of Sublime Text, so the problem is in the paste operation. I’ve replicated the issue in Fire as well.


this is a known issue I’m investigating, and it happens when the underlying copy of the text held by then compiler gets out of sync what’s in the editor (something that happens rarely, and I haven’t been abler too consistently narrow down, unfortunately, but once it starts happening, it’ll stay consistently broken until relaunch). The problem is that the reformat operates on the old content, reformats that and passes it back.

Restarting the IDE should fix it. If you have reproducible steps that bring a file into this situation, I would appreciate it, because I so far have bene usable to replicate it any time I tried to investigate the issue. My best guess is it’s somewhat related too closing and reopening a project and the “managed” compiler backend ending up with both the old and the new copy, internally (but even that I cannot replicate as such, so there must be slightly more to it :(.

I apologize for the inconvenience, and I’ll do my best to narrow this down for good, soon.

Until then, the best steps to take when you see this happening the first time is to Undo, restart the IDE, and then paste again‚ you should be good.

If it makes any difference, I restarted the IDE and it still happened. I had run into the issue earlier and restarting seemed to work. But in this case, at the top of the file, it happens right from the start.

Curious, Any chance I could get this project? FWIW< this might be a separate issue than the one I’m aware of (or at least a different side of the same coin), but a 100% repro case would help me so much in narrowing this down.

If you PM it to me,, I will treat the project 100% confidential, of course.

I’ll see what I can do. The project in question is spread over a bunch of folders. I’ll see what I can eliminate and keep the issue reproducible.

Thanks, logged as bugs://83699

bugs://83699 got closed with status fixed.

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While this particular case you reported was a separate issue, not related to Fire but related to the code model in general not handling pasting this particular code at the start of the file (which the team fixed on the managed side), I’m happy to report that I was also able to narrow down the issue I described, which was related to shared prophecy files, and closing/reopening the solution, and fix that as well, for vNext.

Merry Christmas to all! :wink: