Strange enum, array and dictionary issues

Using Fire .2525, Android class library

I have an enum:

public enum ConnectionState: String {
    case approved, approvalPending, forbidden

If I define an array like this:

let values: [ConnectionState] = [.approvalPending, .approved, .forbidden]

it fails to compile with “No matching overload” message. However, the definition below compiles fine:

let values = [ConnectionState.approvalPending, ConnectionState.approved, ConnectionState.forbidden]

If I define a dictionary:

var dictValues = [String: ConnectionState]()

and then try to change it in a method:

func test(_ aState1: ConnectionState, _ aState2: ConnectionState) {
    dictValues["state1"] = aState1
    dictValues["state2"] = aState2

it fails to compile with “Parameter 2 should be ConnectionState?” error.

But, if I put this definition

let values = [ConnectionState.approvalPending, ConnectionState.approved, ConnectionState.forbidden]

before dictValues definition, the test() method compiles! Strange.

This only happens with Android project, Echoes project compiles fine.
If I revert to Fire .2513, all the issues go away.

Test project attached. (229.4 KB)

Anybody from Elements team saw this?

My apologies for the delayed response; this sounds like a bug. will log.

Thanks, logged as bugs://84742

Thank you.

bugs://84742 got closed with status fixed.