Strange problem after editing server's daSchema manually

(Alan Olson) #1

This afternoon I manually added a new table definition to my DA server’s daSchema file. I’ve done this MANY times before and never had issues. I did it again, double checked things, and recompiled my server and installed it (.NET service). I went to my client lib, updated the table definitions, saw my new table and proceeded to do some tests…when everything went to hell.

I was getting a strange error in the new table, but I also got a phone call telling me that suddenly, another app was not working properly that used this service. This was related to a completely different table and I never touched its definition.

well, to fix things I reverted to the previous version and things once again worked.

I went back to review my daSchema file, and quickly realized that I failed to increase the Counts tag on the initial Datasets tag in the XML. This is strange since I added the new table to the end…and it showed up in my table definitions. The table that was generating errors was 5 definitions up in the schema.

Does this make any sense?


(antonk) #2


Seems some of the internal Schema structures weren’t read properly due to incorrect Xml attribute value. After all .daSchema files are not meant for manual editing.

Could you say which exactly errors did you get and (if possible) send to support@ the damaged .daSchema file?

Thanks in advance

(Alan Olson) #3

I’ve manually edited the daSchema file many times with no problems. I’m not sure what happene this time, but do you have any tools that would test/validate a daSchema file by chance?

(antonk) #4

Unfortunately no. It was always assumed that the Schema itself is not damaged. We could add something like this to the Schema Modeler, but for this I need a damaged Schema sample.

(Alan Olson) #5

could you answer my other question I just posted, please?

(antonk) #6

Sure. Already done