Strange problem with filtered cloned source

I’m working on transforming FireDac based queries to DA.

First I added a TDAMemDataTable “qry_rights_user” and set a filter, with Codesite the result set was tested, all ok.

Another table "qry_right"was added with cloned source set to “qry_rights_user” and a method used this
table to filter by field “df_id”.
It seemed to work but realized that one filter failed although a record exists with the df_id it says qry_right.isEmpty = true.

I am lost … but I try to setup a minimal example for testing.


Can you review the Cloned Source sample (desktop) (Delphi) , pls?

I worked through that sample weeks ago before starting to use cloned sources.

Everything works fine, just this one table with one record showing wrong data and I have no clue yet why but am working on it.


I need a simple testcase that reproduced this case …

you can drop it to support@ for keeping privacy

I’m working on it.