String concat fails

I just encountered a bizarre new bug where doing a string concat returns the final term rather than the concat. So aStr := 'one' + 'two' + 'three' results in aStr = 'three'. Is this a known issue? I checked in another Oxygene project and the concat is fine there… Really bizarre. I’m away from my laptop at the moment but wanted to go ahead and report this.

Java, I assume? Is this with latest? It feels like we had a related issue a few weeks back that was fixed. If this is with 2571, then a small testcase (preferably pure Java, not Android) would be appreciated.

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Yes Java. And this wasn’t 2571 so that could have been the fix! I was on 2571 but reverted back a few versions to avoid the Gradle versioning regression. I’ll upgrade to 2571 and give it a go tomorrow.


I upgraded to 2571 this morning and still have the bug. I’ll see if I can get a testcase, but for some reason it is working fine in a clean project…

Do you have a stale copy or custom copy of elements.jar?

Ah, that’s probably it. I can’t build on 2571 because of a Gradle compatibility bug. To get around it, I did a build on 2557 and then upgraded to 2571 and did a build using the 2557 cache.

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Lets discuss this in the other thread? im not sure how to fix it, without breaking the other thing I fixed for you, at this stage — but you having tom stay on an old build is not the solution ;).

that said: new elements, jar shoukld work with the old build, as workaround for now, if you keep a copy around.

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Sounds good. I’m looking into the Gradle issue already!

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