String(contentsOfFile: filepath, encoding .utf8) doesn't work

There seems to be a mismatch between normal Swift coding and Silver when reading files into memory, the following code doesn’t work and gives an error saying

(E600) Parameter labels do not match. Parameter 1 is labeled “contentsOfFile” but should be unlabeled in call to “init(_ c: Char, _ count: Int32)”

private func readDataFromCSV(filepath: String)-> String!{
    do {
        var contents = try String(contentsOfFile: filepath, encoding .utf8)
        return contents
     catch {
        print("File Read Error for file \(filepath)")
        return nil

I’m clearly missing something - any ideas?

I don’t believe our String type implements String(contentsOfFile:, encoding), at least I int recall ever seeing or implementing that. Is that new?

You can use Elements RTL’s File.ReadText API for the same purpose.