Suddenly can't see any tables, views or procs in the schema modeler

(tobygroves) #1

I’ve just gone to add a new table to my schema and have noticed the Tables, Views and Stored Procedures nodes under my connection on the right are all empty.

The connection is fine (and hasn’t changed for ages) but it’s not seeing any tables in my database. I’m now totally stuck as I can’t pull in the table I need.

Not sure if this problem coincided with the latest update. I’m using on Delphi 10.2 Pro, using FireDAC to connect to an MSSQL database.

(tobygroves) #2

Adding Schemas=1 to the connection string appears to correct the problem but why is this suddenly necessary when it never has been before?

(EvgenyK) #4

hmm, FireDAC driver for MSSQL server has Schemas=1 by default:

(tobygroves) #5

Interesting, I’ve never had that in my connection string. Is it possible that the driver used to include schemas when the setting was absent but now it doesn’t, thus it’s added to the parameters by default to achieve the same effect?

(EvgenyK) #6

this parameter was present since creating FireDAC driver and always was added by default.
possible reasons why you missed it: you could try to use another MSSQL driver like ADO/SQLOLEDB.1.
ADO/SQLOLEDB.1 hasn’t this parameter by default

(tobygroves) #7

What’s confusing me is that, whilst I’ve never had this parameter in my connection string, it has been working until now.

(EvgenyK) #8

you could change user name.
if Schemas=1 isn’t present, only objects from current user schema are shown