Sugar.String class for OSX project

Trying to use String class and String.Format method. Yes, i know that Format is not yet implemented for Nougat, but i can not see it in Code Completion and even compiler did not see it!

But in String.pas format is declared as public, “class method Format”.

So it should be visible, but not.

P.S. Maybe it is Nougat problem?
P.P.S. I m on 1137 build due to “rtl.fx” problem mentioned in Nougat thread!

weird. can you retest with .1145, which is out now?

Retested on 1145, slightly different error. In 1137 it shows namespace of type, 1145 just say “String”.

Error message: (E43) No static member “Format” on type “String”.

Error on line of code:

Console.WriteLine( RemObjects.Oxygene.Sugar.String.Format( ‘Time Integral: {f}, summ: {f}’, args1) );