Suggestion: Different shortcut for opening help

On macOS I prefer to have the function keys to not work as standard function keys; so F1 is decreasing brightness for me.

What I would like to have is:

  • A different shortcut on macOS; eg. Ctrl-F1.
  • A context menu option that will search in the browser for the selected text. I personally find it more convenient to have help in a separate windows (browser).
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I’ll look at changing the shortcut (I agree F1 is a Windows-ism, but it doesn’t seem there’s a standard Mac key combo for invoking context help), and also at exposing an option to launch help in the default browser instead of embedded.

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in vNext (not this week) you can set the ShowHelpInExternalBrowser setting to YES to force help into an external browser instance. not sure yet if I’ll expose this in the Preferences UI.

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