Suggestion - Hydra support for FPC to build linux Servers with RO Services Plugins

It would be a great feature for an application DA Server running on Linux
to be able to load hydra plugins containing DA Services and thus extend its
For example I need to add some services to my server, I build a .so plugin
using hydra, and load into the server, merge the RODL, without the need to stop the server
and replace its executable file, and then start again. I’m not suggesting to
convert the whole hydra package (visual plugins, ability to load .net assemblies, etc)
for FPC, just the part needed to create this type of servers.

Thank you for the suggestion. We already have this feature request logged for a research.

Do you have an estimation when the first results of this research will come out?


yes, this is good suggestion for useful feature!)

chrisroyal said: Do you have an estimation when the first results of this research will come out?

Unfortunately no, i can’t give you any estimation on this feature

Any news?

Not at this stage, no. Hydra is largely dependent on COM, which is a Windows technology, and we have seen close to zero demand for Linux support in the 8 years since this was last asked, I’m afraid.

Many Thank Marc.

What a pity! Linux is increasingly used (thanks also to Docker). Having the possibility of services as plugins in order to expand the system over time is a great possibility.

Best Regards

If your main goal is RO services in a pluggable manner, I’m sure a. On-hydra based solution can be done more easily. I’ll discuss with the team to see if the RO parts of Hydra could be leveraged on Linux without needing COM/full Hydra.

I assume Delphi is a given, and using .NET for the services is not an option? Coz RO/.NET services should be easily pluggable already.

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Hi Marc,

would be great!

Yes, I use Delphi!

Many thanks!!!

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