"suppress warnings" not working

I configured a series of warning codes to be suppressed in the properties of a web project (ASP.NET using oxygene).

However, when compiling, the same wargning codes that I had already ordered to be suppresed still appears in the console output.

What can I do to have the configured warnings suppressed?

PS: In library-type projects, this problem does not occur, only in web application.

project properties:

supressed warnings: PW3;PW5;PW12;PW2;CW11;CW16;CW13;PH4;PH3;PW4;PH7;W0;H10;H11;W27;W37;H14;N1;W57;W29;H0;W27;W69;W8;H10

console ouput:

5>…AbaOrdemCompra.ascx.pas(145,3): warning H10: Local variable “nomeArqF” is not used
5>…AbaOrdemCompra.ascx.pas(97,3): warning H10: Local variable “nome” is not used

I´m using VS 2019.

Hmm, cvan you send me the project in question or a testcase? with a simple case I cannot reproduce it here: H11 gets hidden succesfully:

Hi Marc,

I´ve created a small project, and the problem still persists.

The project is attached in this message.


WebApplication8.zip (35.5 KB)

Ah, this uses the RemObjects.Elements.Echoes.Legacy.targets. Important distinction. I’ll investigate.

BTW, ive fixed, for todays build, that the default for SuppressedWarnings badly shows as “False”.

Logged as bugs://E26960.

bugs://E26960 was closed as fixed.


When the fix will be available? Where can I find it?

Unfortunately the fix happened after today’s build .2931, which will be out for everyone in a few. If this is urgent for you, once I have the next build, I can out it into your Personal Downloads, later today or tomorrow

no worry, can wait.


The new version worked just fine.

happy to hear that, thanx you!