Swift 5.5: again big pile of changes .... sigh

Is it just me or is Swift is becoming a syntax / bloated mess? After7 years it still keeps on introducing a big load of changes.

Shouldn’t a language be as small as possible?

Maybe I’m old, but still think Objective-C is a better language. It’s dynamic and relatively small. And it’s documentation is much much better. Clearly written by talented writers and not by the “community”.


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I hear you.

The problem isn’t that it’s getting new features (so does Oxygene); the problem is that with every new feature spec I read, I want to put a gun to my head and jump out of the window, because it’s such a f***ing incomprehensible mess.

90% of Swift code I see in the world these days, I don’t understand. If the goal was to create a language that’s less comprehensible than the worst parts of C++: congratulations on a job well, done, Swift team. :tada:

Right? of all companies, to see Apple have their flag ship new language designed by the community? Made me go WTF when it was announced, and it’s clearly proven to be a huge mistake. Swift 1.0 was nice. Swift 5 is a shitshow.

I swear, I’m this close to just pulling the plug on future support for Swift in Elements… It’s just a hot mess, and getting worse with every single SE-0XXX :(.

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It’s clear that you also don’t like Swift … :smile:

I know many people get enthusiastic when they hear “open source” or “community”. I don’t. You need a small group of talented people to achieve great well thought out products. Look at SQLite for example (or Remobjects of course).

Objective-C is old but mature. Maybe not “sexy” anymore.

“My impression as an outsider watching Swift evolve is that is that the Swift project has been taken over by comp sci folks who think the problem with C++ is the syntax for all of its esoteric features, not the fact that C++ has all those esoteric features.”



Of course, Swift was started by a die-hard C++ guy.

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Although I hear you guys hard on the bike shedding going on with the language, I hope that if this unfortunately ever happens, that some version of swift will always be supported by elements as an option to everyone building on top of it :scream:.

Elements is feeling like the best swift compiler and has given me the sense of security to build swift ontop of it.


No worries, it won’t happen…


Hold on, Marc, I thought you said you were replacing Swift with Kotlin :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


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Glad it’s staying. I personally like Swift.