Syntax hilighting/debugging in include (*.inc) files

(Bartosz Antosik) #1

Is it/would it be possible to do something to treat *.inc files in Visual Studion with Oxygene syntax hilighting and allow debugging inside these files once there is some code there?

Have tried to search for similar topic alas with no success.

(Carlo Kok) #2


We don’t currently support syntax highlighting in .inc files in Visual Studio, if I remember correctly, another default extension maps that one already. However breakpoints seem to work, so does stepping?

Fire/Water does support syntax there though.

(Bartosz Antosik) #3

I must have missed something when tried to debug code inside *.inc file. I will try again. Just to be on the same page, it is a module, which does not contain module syntax (e.g. namespace directive at the top) just some code.

Do I understand correctly that you refer to some extension which allows to map *.inc to Oxygene syntax? Do you maybe remember what extension allows for this?

(Carlo Kok) #4

.inc are well, include files. So on 1 end you use {$I} and it’s injected in that file as if you pasted it (from the compilers POV).

But maybe we can take a step back. What problem are you trying to solve exactly?

(Bartosz Antosik) #5

I am sorry, you are right: I can step & set breakpoints inside .inc modules. Thank you. I think there was some other problem with the project that provoked me to this notice.

Synrtax hilighting would be very nice & useful.