"System Error. Code: 1400. Invalid Windows Handle" message box

The problem is that it’s giving us a “System Error. Code: 1400. Invalid Windows Handle” message box.
when using the megademo sample.

the server, works fine, but when try the client, 90% of the time, i got that error, and appears that the log windows is not working… then when exit, i got:

AT 0030FB0

I guess that the message in english is:
** “System Error. Code: 1400. Invalid Windows Handle” message box.**

i am using the last RO SDK Delphi version.

Thin happen always, but i just ask right now, because i want to measure some timings with the servers and cases.

Specific happen when i close de client.

Thanks for your help.

Does this happen when you run the client in the debugger, our outside? If inside, does the IDe show any exceptions (in VS you might have to turn on to break on all exception types, because some are ignored silently, by default).

What version and platform of Remoting SDK do you use? .NET or Delphi?

Hi Marc,

using Delphi 11.3,
but i said, this happen from Delphi 11.1 but i did no reported it.

It is inside de IDE, and OUTSIDE the IDE.

I guess that this is happening when the SERVER is active before the CLIENT START,
but i dont know why.

Ah sorry, you did mention it, but I overlooked it.

I’ll have to leave this for my colleague to look at tomorrow, I’m afraid. This is very strange, and not known issue


I saw this issue when I’ve used Delphi 11.x in VMWare virtual machine: VCL controls (like TComboBox or TMemo) weren’t initialized correctly. it was unstable issue and it wasn’t related to our components so I have ignored it.

It was solved for me with full rebuild of application.


You are right, i know now, that this is an issue with delphi itself and not the SDK REMOTE software.

In this case i just put in oncreate event of the main form (Memo.Clear) in the client program, and it works perfect now, thanks for you comments helping me to find a solution.

best regards.

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