TDAField.OnGetText not works

I need to trigger OnGetText and OnSetText events of the TDAField components and expect the exact behavior of the TField control from them.
Assigning the OnGetText and OnSetText events directly at design time does not work. They are not called.

Assigning at runtime to the OnAfterOpen event of TDAMemTable doesn’t work either. Example:
DAMemTable1.FieldByName(‘CODE’).OnGetText := Self.DAMemTable1CODEGetText;

Assigning the event (adapted to TField) in the bounded component at runtime does not work either:
DAMemTable1.FieldByName(‘CODE’).BoundedField.OnGetText := Self.DAMemTable1CODEGetText;

I looked up this alternative in an old post: OnGetText (and probably OnSetText also) in Delphi - #3 by ayelagin

Are there any solutions for this?


I can’t reproduce this issue:

testcase: (48.8 KB)

can you create a simple testcase that reproduces this case, pls?