TDAFolderBriefcase possible memory leak


If TDAFolderBriefcase is create with aOwnTables := false
and then is call AddTable with aCopyTable := true
internal TDADataTable wich is created is not freed.

This situation is like in Briefcase sample.
I use DataAbstract for Delphi, version

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Logged as bugs://D19108 for investigation


I can reproduce memory leaks with the Briefcase sample, however the Briefcase (Console) sample has no such issues.

you can use this rule:

  • if briefcase exists:
lbr := TDAFolderBriefcase.Create(filename, True, True);
lbr.AddTable(table, True);
  • if briefcase doesn’t exist:
lbr := TDAFolderBriefcase.Create(filename, False, False);
lbr.AddTable(table, False);

bugs://D19108 was closed as fixed.

updated sample: (44.5 KB)


I’ve updated uDABriefcase.pas too and now it will not generate any memory leaks with aOwnTables := false and aCopyTable := true.

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