TDaRemoteDataAdapter.Dataservice property

i don’t know what the purpose of this property is, coul you please explain?


this is used for simplified RDA setup (it works w/o setting remote service, message, channel and datastreamer).

we have demonstrate usage of this feature in our DA samples:

//  ServerURL  = 'http://localhost:7099/bin';
//  connString = 'User Id="simple";Password="simple";Domain="DASamples";Schema="Simple"';

  lRemoteDataAdapter := TDARemoteDataAdapter.Create(nil);
  lRemoteDataAdapter.DataServiceName := 'DataService';
  lRemoteDataAdapter.LoginServiceName := 'LoginService';
  lRemoteDataAdapter.LoginString := connString;
  lRemoteDataAdapter.TargetURL := ServerURL;

full set of methods and properties:

    property TargetURI: TROUri read GetTargetURI write SetTargetURI;
    function Login: Boolean;overload;
    function Login(aLoginString: String): Boolean;overload;
    function Login(aUserName: String;aPassword: String): Boolean;overload;
    procedure Logout;
    property TargetURL: string read GetTargetURL write SetTargetURL;
    property LoginString: string read fLoginString write SetLoginString;
    property UserName: string read fUserName write SetUserName;
    property Password: string read fPassword write SetPassword;
    property DataServiceName: String read GetDataServiceName write SetDataServiceName;
    property LoginServiceName: String read GetLoginServiceName write SetLoginServiceName;
    property OnLoginInfoRequired: TDALoginInfoRequired read fOnLoginInfoRequired write fOnLoginInfoRequired;
    property OnGenerateLoginString: TDAGenerateLoginString read fOnGenerateLoginString write fOnGenerateLoginString;

it seems the magic is setting up the targeturl
but specifying ‘tcp’ creates a supertcp channel it seems…

use supertcp:// as a protocol

Anyway to vinculate a AES envelope?

You can use old variant with RemoteService where you can assign AES envelope to message