TDaRemotedataAdapter.remoteservice can’t be assigned with a THyLocalService…
wouldn’t it make sense that this is also possible?
would also eliminate the need for channel and message?

secondly, what is the datastreamer property?
this is set by default to dataservice.datastreamer…

TDARemoteDataAdapter.RemoteService is reference to TRORemoteService object.

THYLocalService works almost the same as TDALocalDataAdapter - it also creates services dynamically similar to code in LocalServiceAccessHelper_Acquire and releases them similar to LocalServiceAccessHelper_Release.

one difference - LocalServiceAccessHelper_* works with TDataAbstractService descendants , but THYLocalService - with any RO service.

also you can cast (via Supports method ) THYLocalService object to IDataAbstractLocalServiceAccess and assign it to LDA.ServiceInstance.

the DataStreamer property specified how to data should be serialized/deserialized. we have Bin1/Bin2/Json and XML streamers. Bin1 and XML are legacy and deprecated.

have you reviewed testcase that I’ve sent to you?

yep the fix seems logical, but not tested yet

the question about datastreamer was different: standard it has ‘dataservice.datastreamer’ assigned, i was wondering what that is…

and i was wondering why i couldn’t assign a hyLocalservice to the service property of the Remotedataadpater, would eliminate the need for channel and message …

i just want to get a clear picture of the ways to do things… so i can decide which path to follow

gonna test the fix right now (dahelpers)

Data Abstract knows nothing about Hydra classes …